Monday, September 27, 2010

Out for a Spin

In these pictures, unfortunately scanned to actual size, Anna June had her photo taken with Chuck E. Cheese in her two separate visits to his pizza establishment. Even though the pictures didn't turn out the best, I am glad that she went. She's already asking to go back. All weekend, she's been covered with the stickers and temporary tattoos from her last trip's goody bag.

Anyway, this weekend was another busy one, if not as eventful as the action-packed grandparent visits. On Saturday, we baked a cake, and took it to our friends' Oktoberfest party. They were encouraging guests to dress as if they were attending a real Oktoberfest, but alas, most of us do not own real leiderhosen or trachten. However, Ben did (until Saturday) work at a party store that sells costumes, so he was able to show up with an appropriate hat and suspenders instead. We had found a European-inspired jumper for Anna June, but she WOULD NOT wear it. For anything. So we ended up letting her wear her sundress instead. As it turns out, the closest most folks got to dressing up were t-shirts that said "Germany" on them, which worked as well.

At the party, it was mostly couples around our age with kids around AJ's age. All of us were so busy having a good time (and chasing said children around) that we didn't get any pictures. I don't think anyone did! So, you'll just have to take our word for it - we looked fantastic.

We got home, I asked Anna June what her favorite part of the party was. She said, "Dancing. And running with the children," (as if she were not one of the children).

On Sunday, after church, lunch, and nap, we headed out to Trussville for some shoe shopping. Anna June tried on some really cute pairs of shoes, but when I asked her if she liked them, she said, "No!" So each time, it was back to the drawing board. I know her tastes change from day to day, but if she didn't like them from the outset, I certainly wasn't going to buy them! I am not interested in fighting losing battles.

So we ended up with a pair of white patent leather shoes, appropriate for church, although she's wearing them to school today. (Hey, they're new!) They have a little bit of a heel, and she wore them out of the store proclaiming that she loved her new "high heels"! They are a bit big, but I'd rather have them too big than too small. The way her feet have been growing, though, they'll fit perfectly by Wednesday.

I sent her sneakers with her to daycare, just in case.

We ended the weekend with a family dinner at Nana and Granddaddy's. Anna June was disappointed that we didn't drop her off. Apparently, she has much more fun over there when I'm gone!

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