Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning Letters

Anna June's class is, in the time honored tradition, studying one letter and number at a time. We've made it through A, B, 1 and 2. AJ has a set of foam letters and numbers to play with in the bathtub and last night I was quizzing her. She remembered 1 and 2, but was fuzzy on A and B. She does know the letter O and the letter Y.

I think it is appropriate that she knows "Y" because that is the most frequently heard thing in our house: "Why?" She's got the two-year-old thing down. For a while she was asking, "because why?" but now it's just the more typical, "Why?" Her persistent questions can be funny to listen to, because at some point, I give up trying to explain. My knowledge of processes of the universe only runs so deep. Some non-answers I've given lately include
- that's just the way it is.
- God made it that way.
- I don't know.
- I'm not sure.
- Because I said so.
- Why do you think that is?
and, my all time favorite response is just bursting into laughter, which usually distracts her long enough to make her laugh.

Back to the letters, the tub last night, I was asking her which letter each one was, and she would say she didn't know, and I'd tell her the letter, what sound it makes, and give an example of a word that begins with that letter. AJ was tired, and she said she didn't know any of the letters. I started giving up and putting the toys, including the letters, away. But then she grabbed a handful of letters from the bathwater (which looked like alphabet soup). She held them up to me and said, "Tell me what these letters are, Mommy!"

I'm glad that she's eager to learn. I hope this continues.

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