Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bedtime for Butterflies

Anna June has lots of grandparents, and, if you ask me, they keep pretty strange (but mostly regular hours). Last night, Ben had the laptop on the kitchen table while was fixing dinner. AJ was eating a snack. She saw the computer, and she asked if we were going to call Grandpa on the computer, probably because we usually go to the kitchen to use Skype. It has good lighting and a flat surface.

We told her, no, we weren't planning to call Grandpa, because he was probably eating dinner - he usually goes to sleep around the time we're eating dinner. Ben must have mentioned something about 6:30.

Later, I was outside with AJ while she ate her Popsicle (topless, by the way - I'm tired of trying to get green Popsicle drippings out of her clothes)! She told me that she saw the sun setting, but she would try not to look directly at the sun, which is something her Granny taught her. She told me she heard birds, but she didn't see them. I told her maybe they flew to another tree in someone else's yard. Then, she said she didn't see any butterflies. I said, "Maybe they've gone to sleep by now. It's getting late."
"Yeah. They go to bed at 6:30," Anna June informed me.
"Really?" I checked my watch. "Well, it is 6:45 now, which is after 6:30."
"Yeah. But they have to eat dinner first."
"So the butterflies are eating dinner right now?"

I'm glad the butterflies were eating dinner. Anna June hasn't been very into eating dinner lately. Maybe it's because she's tired or has too many snacks, but she just hasn't been excited about eating, except what's on my plate. On Monday night, on the way home from daycare, we had a conversation that mostly went like this:

"Daddy isn't coming home until after school today, AJ. Would you like to eat a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"
"I don't want dinner. I just want a sucker."
"But you have to eat some dinner before you can have a sucker. Would you like to try a peanut butter and banana sandwich?"
"I don't like dinner. I just like snacks!"

Before you judge, I will say that for the simplification of my life, I don't cook on nights when Ben has class - AJ and I usually eat leftovers, but sometimes, if we don't have leftovers, we make sandwiches or a frozen dinner in the microwave. I know it's not the best option, but it is the easiest. We did have other food in the house that AJ likes (peas, corn, cheese, raisins, yogurt) but as far as an entree goes, we were a little lacking. And AJ usually does eat whatever I cook. But of course, she was showing off her ability to declare what she does and does not like!

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