Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Anna June saw the doctor yesterday afternoon, and he confirmed that her right ear is terribly inflamed with infection. The other ear is fine, and the throat is not particularly irritated. With the antibiotics getting settled in her system, AJ is doing much better. When I left home she was happily settling in for an episode of Dora the Explorer with her daddy.

I will say that this visit to the doctor went better than usual. She's getting to be an old pro, unfortunately. But I had time to talk to her while she was awake and alert, and we discussed that the nurse would take her temperature in her ear (just like I clean her ear with a q-tip) and then she'd stand on a scale to be weighed (just like standing on our bathroom scale). She did have a fever (100) and weighed 31 pounds. AJ, even though she felt terrible, managed this part of the visit just fine. We brought some books and toys to make the wait more bearable. She eventually warmed up to the doctor and demonstrated her advanced knowledge of colors and answered questions just great. She was really sweet and, of course, relieved there was no shot or finger prick involved.

When I was prepping her for the visit, she told me that they have cups by the potty at the doctor's office - she definitely remembered that! But I told her we wouldn't have to fool with those this time, and she was slightly relieved.

Thanks to everyone for all the calls and prayers.

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