Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Anna June was stalling this morning when it was time to get dressed. I showed her the panties I picked out for her. "Look," I said, "They're BLUE!" I've used this tactic before, so AJ wanted me to show her that my panties were blue, also, so we can be, in her words, "just the same."

She said, "Are Daddy's panties blue?"
"No," I told her, "His underwear is gray. You don't have any gray underwear."
Not missing a beat, she said, "Maybe Santa Claus can bring me some gray underwear."

I told her I would put it on her list. Do they even make such a thing for little girls?

If so, we'll have to be the only family on the block with coordinated underwear!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, boy..... TMI.........(LOL),,,,,,GA