Monday, August 23, 2010

Stuff My Kid Says

Anna June, like most children, says the craziest things. Here are a few recent ones.

I asked her to do something and she said, "Sure, I'd be delighted!"

Saturday morning, I decided to make crepes (from a mix - don't get too excited) and I was explaining to her that they were like thin pancakes. She said, "We're going to need pepper and ice." So, remember that next time you're making them, I guess.

Later on Saturday, Ben was studying and I was showering. I came out to find Elmo in AJ's chair, pushed up to the coffee table. She explained she was giving Elmo a "birthday party". It was complete with tea and cakes.

We played "clubhouse" under the covers of our bed on Sunday morning. Ben has taught her to ask for the password if anyone tries to come in their special space. He was giving her funny passwords like "undies". I asked AJ what the password was and she said, "diaper rash!"

I was looking for something at home and Anna June said, "You'll never find it now!" which is what Swiper the Fox says on Dora the Explorer when he swipes something and hides it. She's probably right - I've been losing things at home at a record pace: my watch, the card adapter for our camera, a library book, parts of AJ's toys and more. I suspect Swiper himself has moved into our house.

I was putting AJ in the car seat and I gave her a kiss. She said, "You're so precious!" She must have heard that a million times at church and other places. I told her she was precious, too. Then she said, "You're precious, too, Mommy!"

Then, in the bathtub, she was having a conversation with me, but somehow she said, "You know what they say..." and I said, "What do they say?" And she didn't have an answer. I know she was just repeating something she'd heard. I tried giving her some examples of clich├ęs, like "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?" and it backfired. She replied, "No, I'm not in the kitchen, silly!"

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