Monday, August 16, 2010


With Ben taking his first graduate classes this week, we contemplated leaving Birmingham for the weekend just to try to get out of town while we still could, but in the end, it proved too complicated. There was some bad weather, the issue of interrupting Anna June's naps and sleeping patterns (such that they are) and the matter of what to do with Radar, so we ended up staying home. But we were determined to have some family fun in Birmingham, and had ourselves a "staycation". They're all the rage. I promise.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to the McWane Center. Of course, because of the downpour, so did everyone else in the city. We had a good time watching AJ run from exhibit to exhibit. She was fascinated by things we weren't impressed by and vice versa. We had a nice lunch there and went home at a reasonable time for napping. We spent the afternoon at the library, then visited my Granddaddy and took him to Rusty's for dinner. The milkshakes are especially good.

On Sunday, after church and a nap, Anna June and I headed for the zoo at her request. She had been begging to go to the zoo and to watch Dora the Explorer. (By the way, now Anna June doesn't ask to watch "Dora". She asks to watch "Dora THE EXPLORER.") I could not take another episode this weekend, so we headed out in the heat to see the flamingos, gorilla, giraffe, and of course, play in the splash fountains. AJ enjoyed being there almost by herself and played in the fountains for a good 30 minutes. Then she spent some time at her grandparents' house while we had a quick dinner and ran errands (K-Mart is so romantic, right?) When I told Anna June she'd be going over to Nana's house, she said, "Are you going to drop me off?" When I told her, yes, that is what I had planned, she said, "Oh, I will be so excited to be there all by myself!" Apparently, she needed some time away from me, too, even though on Sunday morning she declared that I was her "best friend in the whole wide world."

When we got home, she was so excited to see Radar, she hugged and kissed him and ran around chasing him and trying to play with him. That poor dog! Luckily, she tired herself out and slept almost all night. Once, she called out, "Mommy, come put my blankets back on me!" That is so much better than crying!

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