Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Days

Anna June is better today, and back at school. Getting to spend time with her, even when she is sick, is very special to us, though.

On Monday, I took the first two pictures. You can tell she has a runny nose but she's having a good time.

On Tuesday, Ben kept her in the morning while I took the afternoon shift. While they were playing, they built a tent in our room, using the ironing board and a blanket. They had a tea party, which I think morphed into a birthday party for AJ's doll, Helen. I was told they had tea and cupcakes. She was very, very excited to show me and tell me about it when I got home from work. Helen, though, was tucked soundly asleep under all of AJ's blankets on what used to be my aerobics mat (but has now been appropriated by Anna June). She also, curiously, has her clothes on backwards, so I guess she had too much fun and had to be changed prior to her nap.

Ben and AJ also read books in the tent, with her ladybug flashlight.

AJ colored a sign, labeled "Anna June's Clubhouse". She was really upset this morning that I had taken the clubhouse down. I'm sure we'll be doing that again.


Anonymous said...

Shenandoah LIVED in a tent in my front room from ages 3 to , oh, I think 14 or so. I was SO happy to have that phase pass finally, reclaiming my front room, when Nonny entered into the ' Tent dwelling stage.' That started in about 1983 and , well, I'll just go into the front room real qick here and stick my head in her tent and ask her if she thinks the end may be in sight any time, what I 'm trying to tell you is that this tent stuff has just begun in your house and GOOD LUCK with it!!!

Anonymous said...

PS: Two things:
I can't believe those Gymboree PJ's FIT her! Or did you have to exchange?
That is a PRETTY little chair! Where did she get that?? Granny