Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Rules

I know it has only been one day, but so far Anna June loves her new class. This morning when it was time to go to school, she asked, "Am I going to Miss Susan's class?" She was so excited!

The classroom rules are posted above - it's a handout they gave us to help us talk to our kids about what's expected of them at school. I think she'll remember them very quickly. They do time out to reinforce the rules. The one I'm most worried about is the talking thing. We don't do well at taking turns talking!

On the way to school, we usually listen to an audio book or sing songs, but this morning she wanted to talk about her new class. She told me they learned how to sit "Cris-cross Applesauce!"

She told me there were baby dolls, but only one of them has a bottle of "milk". Actually, when we were leaving last night, she wanted to take home one of the baby dolls, but her teacher said she'd take care of them for her.

Last night, we had asked her about her new class and she told us a few things. Like that they got to go eat in the "cafeteria". I was very surprised at how well AJ pronounced that difficult word.

Right as she was going to bed, she remembered to tell me, "We painted today!"

This morning, we discovered they were going to read a book we recently checked out from the library called The Boy Who Lost His Belly Button. So, without trying, she's already ahead. :)

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