Thursday, August 19, 2010


Anna June likes to be in the loop, so I tell her things sometimes that I really should wait to tell her. Yesterday morning, I reminded her that was the day she'd be eating dinner with Aunt Connie and Uncle Tim, because Mommy and Daddy each had plans. She was very excited. She went and picked out several books from her shelf to pack in her diaper bag, and was talking excitedly about the visit.

But then I told her she had to get ready for school, and she had a fit. She had thought she was going RIGHT THEN. She cried, "But I want to see Aunt Connie NOW!" She got over it, had a good day at school, and then had a fun time at their house with Granddaddy Jerome, and, of course, the kitties, Daisy and Bob.

They watched TWO episodes of Dora the Explorer and had an indoor picnic. AJ didn't tell me what they ate, but I'm glad they had such a nice time. I'm also very, very grateful, as I was able to see my great friends. We tried to think of the last time we had all seen each other without kids or husbands (or before that, fiances and boyfriends) around, and we couldn't. It had been years. We were so excited and had a wonderful time. We'll do it again soon, but not on a night when Ben has class. It was too much trouble and too exhausting to get a wound-up girl to bed. I am very grateful to Ben, as well, for his handling of the stalling tactics of an exhausted preschooler. He got more water, a different baby doll, denied another blanket, etc.

AJ went to bed late and woke up early. For some reason, the baby gate was down, and she figured this out and ran into our room at 2 minutes before my alarm. She said, "Mommy, I missed you!" I had missed her, too.

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