Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've told Anna June several times about an interesting fact: I went to school at her school when I was her age. She either doesn't believe me or doesn't care. I don't have much to offer in the way of proof, but I do have one clear memory of my tenure at McElwain.

One day, we were going to go to the zoo. I remember being very excited, as my mother was going to come. We prepared our snacks, including carrot and celery sticks (still one of my favorites). But then, it rained. We couldn't go. So we sat as a group in either a cafeteria or a gym and had an "indoor picnic". I thought this was the best idea ever! I remember begging my mom to have indoor picnics over and over. I had to have celery and carrots, and we had to use my dad's old orange-pink blanket. We had indoor picnics in the hallway and living room of our apartment. I am sure I wore her out.

Fast forward back to now, and Anna June is, independently of me, begging for indoor picnics. I don't know if she saw it on Barney or if she just so happened to ask to go on a picnic one rare day this summer when it was raining or threatening to rain. We held our first one about a week or so ago in her room. We've had no fewer than three this week, mostly in my room, as it has the most floor space. We have to put up a baby gate so Radar can't get in. So far, AJ is not particular about the food we bring, only that I help her spread out a blanket just so. They've all taken place when Ben has been unable to join us, so I guess it's a mommy-daughter thing.

When we were spread out in my room, I was thinking it really was nice - a way to appease her, use up leftovers, and keep the dog from begging at our feet. Then, I am not making this up, a lone, large black ant walked across our picnic blanket. As I caught him in my napkin, I thought, how cliché! It's officially a picnic, whether indoors or not.

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Anonymous said...

FREAKY!! Very obliging of the Ant , tho. Such a cute idea...I wish I would have thought of that when my two were little. I did let Shenandoah take a bag lunch into the field next door for his own picnic once( with me watching continually from the kitchen window.....he wanted to do this alone....) He was back in 5 minutes and never asked to do that again,