Monday, August 30, 2010

Mug Shot

Maybe it is because of the stripes and the unhappy expression on her face, but I think this picture of Anna June looks like a mug shot. Except she wasn't the one in trouble -- her parents were.

Her new teacher, a nurse, was concerned about the huge red spots on AJ's face on Friday morning. We had tried to give her a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, but she had a complete meltdown because I missed a spot or two with the cream cheese. So I tried again, giving her some kiddie yogurt (a terrible concoction of a blue "cotton candy" flavor and red "cherry). After she finished, I washed her hands and face in the kitchen sink, as always. I wiped her with a paper towel. The mark on her still-baby-sensitive skin was from the rough paper towel, or the red dye in the yogurt.

We've decided to only give her more naturally-colored yogurt in the future, and to try to avoid wiping her with cheap paper towels. But Friday morning, there was a lot of concern from her teacher (and her poor daddy, who got stuck taking her to school in the first place).

It went away, and she is fine. I'll keep an eye out in the future to see if she has any further reactions.

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Anonymous said...

So, was this nurse/teacher afraid of rashes or abuse? Speaking from experience, most nurses I know are...well, have " issues". Trained to over react to Everything. Especially those of us with some Nursing Home background.....we are obliged to report EVERYTHING. Did you sneeze? Lets do a full 48 hour respiratory assessment! Temps, Lung sounds , POX, RR around the clock! Do you have a very tiny bruise? Lets do an Incident report, call the Family and the doctor! Don't forget the employee investigations/ interviews for the past 48 hours!Monitor that bruise every shift x 3 days then QD until it resolves! Color Changes! Border descriptions! Size reduction as it heals! Length, width and depth! In cm's! And so on and so forth. This is LITERAL and it is for very very minor everyday stuff. Can you tell I.m sort of tired of Nursing? THANKS FOR LETTING ME RAVE!!!!!Any way, hope all is well with the beloved Bug!