Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Wheels

Sometimes when I look at Anna June, I can almost see little wheels turning in her head. I try to predict her responses to things, but I can't always do it - she comes up with so much new stuff every day.

We've been eating Popsicles outside, since they're so messy. Last night, she did eat a good dinner, but then asked for a Popsicle, so we had some. Then, we went straight to the washing machine to stain treat her clothes and start another load. I lost her for a minute - I thought she was right behind me. I called out to her and she was dragging her clothes hamper into my room...she knew we needed more clothes than that to make a full load. Amazing.

But then, once she'd stripped down and was ready for her bath, she started running around the house. She came back to me and reported that she had run to Daddy and told him, "Naked!" and ran back. This repeated about 20 times, or as long as it took me to start the washer and run her bath.

Above is her coloring project from church, which kept her entertained during a service a couple of weeks ago - I found it in my purse when looking for something else. Our kitchen and my office are starting to look like a gallery. Let me know if you'd like any of AJ's current works and I will send them to you.

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Anonymous said...

SO FUNNY, this little one, naked or not!

Granny Annie always LOVES getting Artwork!!!!!!! (and, a BIG THANK YOU for including Grandma Kraker occasionally,,,,,,,last time she got some pictures from Anna JUne, she kept holding them in her hands saying, " Some one sent these to me ? Beautiful!" she couldn't believe that someone remembered her.... LOVE, Granny