Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a Little Behind

Anna June, when focused on a task, can be intense. In the pictures above, she's playing with her "dollies" and would not look up, would not listen, would not budge. She was fascinated.

So this morning I was surprised when she was focusing on wanting to help me! She fetched my socks and shoes while Ben and I finished up some last minute "thank you" gifts for AJ's teachers. Today's her last day in her class, and moves up on Monday. When we were looking for pictures to print out and give as part of the gifts, I realized just how behind I am! Although I haven't been as devoted to snapping every second of AJ's life like I was when she was first born, I still have a ton of pictures that are yet-to-be uploaded. I will TRY to find time to work on that this weekend. The recent pictures I do have, all of which I think have already posted to the blog, are located here.

If I do get time to work on pictures or clean house, I probably won't be as focused on it as AJ is with playing with her dollies.

We were also running just a little behind when AJ and I walked out the door to go to school and Radar decided he wanted to go with us. Luckily, Ben had just left, and through the miracle of cell phones, I was able to catch him and he turned around and rescued us, capturing Radar in the neighbor's yard. That dog!

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Atlanta Gal said...

I hope you sent these pics to Jamie!