Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here for the Party

This is a picture of Anna June, walking out the door on her first day of Pre-3. She was so happy and excited, she did not want to pose for a picture, which you cannot tell from her smile. In a lot of the pictures where she's by herself, you can't tell how tall she is, and how much like a big kid she looks now. But in this one, I think you can tell.

Yesterday, she got to be the line leader at school. You cannot imagine how excited she was about this. She woke up and told me it was her day, and I told her not to be disappointed if she was incorrect. But she was right!

Even though she whined and was uncooperative this morning, I have to say that I'm impressed by these first few days of her new class. I think she likes it overall. And if she gets to be the line leader every sixth school day, then at least I can count on her being in a good mood that often!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, tall little girl!!!! Wait until the day when you have to stare up @ her. Sometimes I stand next to my mom and she looks so tiny next to me!

Auntie Nonny

Anonymous said...

Yes, I look little to Nonny because I am in that "shrinking" stage of life!
You both look so beautiful in this picture! And, WOW! She REALLY DOES LOOK TALL! She's going to be 'willowy'. ( Which, btw, is what Shenandoah always told me he would name a daughter: Willow.