Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Point

I know it may come as a shock to you, but Anna June was disobedient at school on Friday. In preparing for the new school year, a bookshelf had been emptied and moved from its usual location, waiting to find its permanent home after the children went home (I presume). The teachers worked hard to keep the kids off of it, but being monkeys, they decided to climb on it, repeatedly, after repeated warnings to stay off the shelf. Anna June wasn't the only one climbing on it, but she was the only one who flipped off of it, which resulted in a bruise on her back.

When I got to school to pick her up, I had the "boo boo" form and an apology from the teacher, even though this was clearly AJ's fault. Later that evening, when I was bathing her, I decided to take the opportunity to talk to AJ about minding one's teacher and how teachers, parents and most adults just want to keep her safe.

I thought the talk was going well. She was playing with her bath toys, but listening to every word I said. She knew she was being told about something serious. And I went on with my speech, saying something like, "Anna June, you have to listen to grownups who are trying to keep you from getting hurt. I would be really upset if something happened to you."

Anna June looked up at me and said, "But you're upset now!"

I thought that was a valid point, and burst out laughing. Then AJ laughed, too. It was a good end to the conversation - I could tell she had gotten my point.


Anonymous said...

OOOOh, she is SMART!!!So sorry the June Bug got hurt! :(

Don't you think tho, as valid as your point is about learning to obey rules and listen to authority figures..... that the teachers have a responsibility to keep the environment SAFE..... if the shelf was too enticing for 2 year olds to resist ( and it sounds like it was, as well as some less than adequate oversight of all the kids and their activities going on... the shelf should have been MOVED or BLOCKED OFF. These kids are ONLY TWO after all!!! Still LEARNING SAFETY AND OBEDIENCE!!! SORRY-----like to know our Bug is ALWAYS SAFE!!!!! Granny

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom!!!! I love to read about your cute "mommy/daughter" moments!!!!

Atlanta Gal said...

I don't know how parents do it. I would want to laugh all the time. And you can't laugh if you're scolding them. Little kids are hilarious.