Thursday, August 12, 2010

Curious George

Anna June enjoyed when "Curious" George Arnett came to visit us a few weeks ago. She showed off the contents of her dress-up trunk, as well. More photos in our web album here.

Anna June is pretty in love with the regular Curious George, too. She still loves the show. She loves reading the books (and listening to the audio books). Now she has the pajamas, too. She loves looking at the display of C.G. toys and nick-knacks at the library, as well. This week we're reading Curious George Goes to the Dentist. Now that AJ's final two-year molars have erupted, we're going to head to the dentist for the first time very soon. Hopefully, she'll be put at ease like the little girl in the book, with the help of her monkey friend.


Anonymous said...

AJ's Gypsy side coming out again! THAT DOGGIE!! Rivals Radar for good looks! ( I'm sure he's very very sweet)

Atlanta Gal said...

George enjoyed his time with Anna June, too. She is so sweet! I loved getting to see her walk around in those necklaces and Snow White heels. Priceless! Next time you're in Atlanta, you guys have to stop by and I can show her my own "dress up" collection. I tried counting my shoes up a few weeks ago and stopped at 50. Poor Chapin! I use up all the closet space.