Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Already?

This week is going to be big for Anna June - we have lots planned, including meeting her new teachers on Thursday night. She starts her new class on Monday. Both of her teachers have told me that she's very well-behaved, and they'll be sorry to see her go.

Like countless mothers before me, though, I am shocked that Anna June is one of the "good" kids. She acts completely different around her dad and me. Last night I thought I was going to pull my hair out (or hers) if she didn't mind.

Our evening started out with me taking a quick bathroom break only to have AJ come report to me, with her mouth full of candy, that "Radar got a tootsie roll!" Of course, he ate it with the wrapper still on.

She did sit down for dinner. We had BLTs, and some canned soup. AJ declared, "This is the best dinner ever, Mama!" Of course, she did not eat the lettuce, but she did lick the mayo off her bread - I guess I'm glad she likes it. She had a Popsicle, outdoors, after dinner. She wanted to put it down to go play in her sandbox, but when I wouldn't allow her sticky hands to touch the already-ant-prone plastic top, she decided that she'd rather finish the Popsicle after all.

A naked Anna June was seen streaking down the hall, in direct disobedience to my order for a bath. She "went boneless" in the words of author Mo Willems, where she sank to the floor in a heap when I tried to get her to use the potty, and it was worse when I needed to comb her hair and brush her teeth.

I know she's tired after a long day at school, but she has to get better at minding her parents, or we'll both be completely gray by the end of the year. Her grandparents visits next month cannot come soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

Did the cinnamon wear off, or did it never work on the ants and assorted bugs?

Heck, she sounds like a normal 2 ear old to me !!!

Love, Granny