Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Amazing Adventures of Anna June

Anna June stores things in her memory just about as well as my computer does. Of course, I don't know exactly what they've been watching at school, but we have a tape of Barney that has a transportation theme. The kids are shining up an old bike and instead of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" it goes "This is the way we clean the bike, clean the bike, clean the bike." Then they oil the bike and do other things, too. We haven't played that tape in weeks, probably months. But somehow, Anna June decided that the "chrome" on the bathtub faucet needed to be shined like the bike on Barney, and she took her washcloth and began singing, "This is the way we clean the bike, clean the bike, clean the bike." Then, she took her watering can (which happened to be in the bathtub) and pretended it was an oil can and went on to the next verse, while pouring water over the washcloth-covered spout. "This is the way we oil the bike, oil the bike, oil the bike." I have to say, I was amazed. It's one thing for her to come up with things when she's prompted, but this was all her.

Also, on Saturday when we were driving around the neighborhood looking for Radar, we started calling out the window. And AJ said she couldn't see him, and that we couldn't find him. Then, she burst into song, "Oh where, oh where has my Radar gone? Oh where oh where can he be?" Again - I credit Barney - we'd just watched an episode featuring the famous song, where an actual dog got "lost" and then found. But AJ changed the words to insert her own dog's name. I was pretty impressed.

Last night when we were finished with dinner, AJ wanted to go out to blow bubbles. I let her, but somehow she got bored and picked her "pinwheels" out of her "garden" to play her new favorite game she made up - Fairies. She says the pinwheels are magic wands, and they help her fly. This is cute, but what is not very cute is that she wants me to "fly" with her. This consists of flapping our arms holding the magic wands and running around the backyard. I was still dressed for work, and if I had not been wearing flats, I would have firmly declined her invitation. I chose to walk instead of run, although a couple of times, she had to grab my hand so that I could keep up with her. I ended up being grateful for the exercise and fresh air, even though it is stiflingly hot and the air quality is poor.

She's also started wanting to "read" books to herself. She won't go to bed or get in the car without a book. It took her longer than usual last night to get to sleep, because she was reading. I may have to put a stop to it, but it is so cute I don't think I can.

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