Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Anna June was in a pretty good mood this morning. Let me tell you about the little diva's day.

First of all, she didn't want to get up. She slept all night (hooray! 2 nights in a row!) and wasn't thrilled about getting up and going to school. But as I was picking out her clothes she wanted to know what she was wearing today. I picked out her Hello Kitty beach outfit. She said "No" right away. She suggested that we look in her closet together.

I am glad we did, because we found the Raggedy Ann outfit Ben's aunt Amy sent to her. She loves her Raggedy Ann dolls (large AND small). I had really been saving it for the 4th of July, but when I realized it was on a Sunday this year, I opted to let her wear a somewhat red-white-and-blue dress that could go from church to party with no problem. (Except she changed clothes about 3 times that day, landing back in that dress in time for the party.)

After she agreed to wear it today - it has a purse! she finally cooperated and got dressed. She did not want to wear her new lace-up shoes, though. She tried to sneak her crocs in on me, but I was awake enough to realize she was pulling a fast one. The compromise? The pink plaid shoes. AJ also did not cooperate on the teeth brushing, again. I'm so glad I'm all done growing teeth. It must be miserable!

She did, however, decide that it was OK for me to take a picture of her in her new outfit. Plus her backpack. I guess her backpack matches the shoes. She was pretty excited about the photo op and wanted to preview herself on the camera, and decided I should get another shot.

Then, she was playing like she was calling her neighbor Jimmy on the phone. She said, "Hey! I call you later. Bye!" She knows how to take care of business!

In fact, over the weekend, I was getting ready for church and she came in the bathroom. She told me that she'd be back after her "meeting". Talk about mommy guilt! I feel so bad about having to dash off to meetings and appointments, but that's life. I've heard that lawyers' kids pretend they have depositions or doctors' kids pretend they're on call, so I guess having a meeting is not that serious.


Anonymous said...

Auntie Amy will be so tickled to see this pic!! AJ looks sweet in it... and it looks just the right size! Amy was worried about that. Do you know that she doesn't have this blog address? Erika either! And they both want it! I have tried SPEAKING it them both several times, but apparently I don't know WHAT I am talking about! (Why does that not surprise??? )

Anonymous said...

Let me explain.... I thought I lost my original comment... it just disappeared!!!! And then, all of a sudden, it RE-APPEARED!! I tell you, computers can be DEVIOUS

SRG said...

I have Erika's email and will send her an invite to the blog; I don't have Amy's email information though so I will need that to add her.

Anonymous said...

Erika will have Amy's E-mail Address. MAybe when you contact her, she can give you both. If you don't mind.