Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Ones

Here are some things I've thought about but haven't posted yet:

Back when I was sick a few weeks ago, Anna June came and "tucked me in" and added her little blankets to my bed to keep me warm.

On Thursday, Ben and I were both a little overdressed for work since we both had meetings scheduled that day. Ben came into AJ's room and I asked, "Anna June, doesn't Daddy look nice?" She said, "Daddy, you look fancy!" Since I was wearing a dress and pumps, I asked her if I looked fancy, too. "No," she said.

Friday morning we were eating some Yoplait Kids yogurt, which features Dora the Explorer on the containers. The kind I was eating, strawberry, had Dora and her monkey, Boots. Anna June's kind, strawberry vanilla, has Dora without Boots. She explained the difference as the fact that Boots had gone to see his Nana.

This morning I asked her to pick out a blanket to take with her to daycare for nap time while I was getting her nap mat out of the dryer. She came back with a sweet baby blanket my friend Sarah made her before she was born. She held it up to herself and asked, "Daddy, do you think this is cute?"

She effectively and correctly uses the word "y'all".

When something is too small (or, like her socks, "crooked" even though she's not wearing them), she knows to put it in the hand-me-down pile. She says, "send it to the babies!"

We checked out an audio book from the library, because she's been listening to her recording of Snow White over and over and over. We selected Clifford at the Circus. She looks intently at the book and turns the pages. I don't know if she's turning the pages when she hears the sound or not, but when I stopped the car and went to get her out of her car seat, she was on the correct page!

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