Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the Flip Side

This picture is on the flip side of the one I posted last week. It was still hiding on my scanner. I wonder which one she prefers.

Speaking of flips, Anna June likes to turn somersaults, but usually only at my parents' house, where there is enough room. We recently returned the coffee table to the center of our den, and while the room looks more pulled together, there is less room for dancing and flipping. I think the fact that she also likes to do her flips there has to do with that she usually has an adoring audience!

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Anonymous said...

Okay! In this art, I see a chameleon that had been chasing a moth to eat, but got captured in a spider web instead!(Her art work is definitely critter oriented!)
Does she ever TELL you what she has drawn a picture of???Granny Annie