Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Little Skeptic

On Monday, things got a little heated in the Circle Time discussion in Anna June's class. The theme this week is God's creation. Ms. Toya was talking about how God made the world. Anna June disagreed. I don't know what her theory of creation was, but she was simply not buying it from Toya that God made the world. Anna June's stance was so convincing that Drew also decided to disagree. AJ finally came around, but Toya said that it needed far more proof and explanation for my little skeptic than it did for the other kids. In fact, Toya made AJ tell Drew that God did, in fact, make the world. With his hands. Like the song.

It was sweet to hear of the solidarity between the two girls, but I was horrified by the incident. I am glad AJ's independent, and when she gets older she can come to her own conclusions, but for right now, if the teachers say God made the world, she should accept that God made the world.

Will we be at church in the morning? You bet.

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Anonymous said...

Not to is a difficult concept. She probably can only understand things in relation to what she knows and is familiar with,,,,,HOW does this fit in with THAT??Still, it is amazing and amusing at the same time for so many reasons!!! So funny that she is so persuasive,,,,,maybe the Tuckers have another Lawyer coming down the pike!!