Friday, July 30, 2010

Lost in Space

This is one of Anna June's latest pieces from school. Don't ask me why Mercury is not labeled and the rest of the planets are. And I'm not sure of Pluto's current status as a planet. But regardless, you can see how AJ has been getting more serious about coloring lately.

She had a better night last night, but had one episode where she woke up and freaked out because she couldn't find Raggedy Ann. She has at least two Raggedy Ann dolls - a big one and a little one - or, as she says, a mama and a baby. Luckily, the baby one was just underneath the mama one and all was well.

We're still trying to get oriented with the new room arrangements and sometimes her toys and dolls go missing in all that space. Well, usually it's because Radar finds them before we do.

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