Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just in Case

Just in case you're ever with Anna June and you have nothing to do, play peek-a-boo of any sort. She's 2 now, and one day will grow out of it, but right now it is the most hilarious, cheapest game you can play with her. She especially likes hiding under covers or behind curtains before you peek. It is so funny to her. She's learning hide-and-seek, but the "where's Anna June? There she is!" does not get old. To her. She and Ben played it for long stretches this morning while I was getting ready.

AJ and I went to the library this morning. Afterwards, we visited the East Lake Farmer's Market for the first time, and we enjoyed both activities! She loved playing on the playground and picking out a watermelon, and I loved getting homemade chocolate chip cookies, still warm from being outside. Let's forget about the fact that I've had all the ingredients to make homemade chocolate chip cookies in my pantry for weeks now. These were better, probably because they were made by someone else. A bargain in my book!

Another new milestone this week is that Anna June has started going to bed without the aid of Pull-ups. She is proud of herself, but she has mixed feelings. Just like yesterday morning, this afternoon she decided to go in her room, pull out a Pull-up, open it at the sides like a diaper, lie down in the floor, and ask me to put it on her. Even though she'll loudly declare I need to leave the room when she goes to the potty and has been very well-trained, she apparently misses being a baby in that respect just a tad. All I know is that when this pack of Pull-ups is gone, I'm not buying anymore, unless there's some sort of major, unforeseeable regression. She just got some Dora panties in from Granny Annie, though, so I don't anticipate this will happen.

Just before her nap, she was on the potty, and pulled down her Pull-up. She announced to Ben, "Daddy, I put on a Pull-up, just in case."

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Anonymous said...

oh, how wonderful for all of you; I didn't realize things had progressed this far!!!!!Milestone, with a Capital 'M"!