Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Be Hot

Anna June knows that it is hot outside, and a fun way to cool off is the splash area at the zoo. She loves this part of each trip. (And these are the last zoo pictures until the next time we go, I promise!)

When I was about 10, I went to Florida with some relatives, including my mom's cousin Ginger. She purchased a politically incorrect souvenir fan with an Aunt Jemima looking character on it. The fan said, "It Be Hot!" and about this time every year, I think about that fan. I sort of wish I had it to wave right about now.


Anonymous said...

My first thought ---don't give me what for, now----but I was saying to myself, Who is this girl that Laura is posting a picture of? Besides it being a BACK view, I didn't recognize AJ because it just did't look like a toddlers BODY, you know???It looked like a BIG girls body.She is growing and changing , for sure!!! And Nonny said about some of the recent pictures that it looked like AJ was losing some of her "Baby Look".....WA-AHHHHHH!!! I want to come down there SO BAD....I'm missing the TWOS, and I LOVE the twos!!!

Atlanta Gal said...

I love that bathing suit with the flowers on the straps... very cool.