Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday, Anna June did not nap at school. Knowing how much she needs her sleep and how impossible she gets when she's exhausted, I rushed through everything and got her in bed before 8:00 - no small feat. She slept soundly until just after 11, when I heard a very distressed, "Mommy!" coming from her room. She had rolled off the bed and managed to get stuck between the bed and the wall. I stuffed a pillow down that crack to prevent that from happening again, and in the time it took to find and place the pillow, she was asleep again.

We all slept great until about 2 am, when AJ wanted some water. She wanted more about 10 minutes later. And more about ten minutes later. Eventually, I had to refill her cup. I thought she'd fall asleep while I was down the hall, but she was wide awake. She wasn't unhappy about not sleeping, and didn't really ask to get up or do anything unusual. She was just awake. In fact, about 3:00 am, before the whining about not being sleepy, we had a very interesting and alert conversation. It went sort of like this:

"Mommy, what does Curious George say?"
"Oooh ooh, aaah ahh. He's a monkey."
"Sometimes he tries to talk."
"That's true. He sounds like uh-huh, uh-huh."
"Yeah. Curious George lives in a yellow house." (He splits his time between a yellow house in the country and an apartment in the city.)
"Yes he does."
"We live in a white house."
"Yeah." (Well, the trim is white.)
"Maybe we can paint our house."
"Maybe some day."
"Drew painted her house."
"Yes, Drew's mommy and daddy painted her house."
"But she couldn't go to the zoo." (Recently, we invited the Drew and her family to come with us to the zoo, but they were painting and couldn't make it.)
"That's true."
"But she can come to the zoo another time."
"Can we go to the zoo tomorrow?"
"No, you have to go to school tomorrow. But we can go another day."

She obviously had a lot on her mind. After I got up for at least the tenth time, this time to take her to the bathroom, I told her that she absolutely HAD to go to sleep. I told her something I once found helpful that my mom told me: don't think about anything. She said, "But I'm thinking about something." "What are you thinking about?" I asked. She said, "I don't know!" She sounded so mournful - like the reason she couldn't get to sleep was that she was thinking some unnamed thought and as soon as she resolved the problems of the universe, she'd go to sleep.

Eventually, with the help of the lullaby CD, ceiling fan, and her baby doll she got back to sleep. She didn't really want to get up this morning, and, as you can imagine, neither did I!

The pictures above are from this morning. We wanted to show off her giraffe-print outfit, and the fact that AJ had me put up the hair of her doll (whose name is Pussycat - she came to us already named). Then AJ let me put her hair in a ponytail, too. She doesn't look like anyone who was troubled and couldn't sleep, does she?

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Anonymous said...

No, she doesn't look like a girl held sleepless by deep thoughts..............But, she DOES look like a Tucker , in both of these pictures!!!!When the top picture first flashed onto the screen, i almost jumped...startled... because it was LAURA looking out at me!!!!!!