Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Dog!

Back when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago, we stopped by Sneaky Pete's (a hot dog chain) to get some lunch, and Anna June got to experience her very first hot dog. Besides that they're not very good for you, they're choking hazards, and we've avoided having them so far. But since then, we've had them on several occasions, including the 5th of July celebration at my parents' house. Soon after, AJ asked if we could have them at home. Since I didn't have them on hand, I put them on the grocery list, and we ended up eating them for dinner on Tuesday night. I cut AJ's up, and put out some ketchup for her to dip it in, honoring the preferred Tucker kid method. She ate the first hot dog in record time.

She asked for more. So I gave her another one.

I hadn't anticipated making the whole pack of hot dogs, but I had to boil another one when AJ requested more. She ended up eating half of that. So, 2.5 (almost 3, really) hot dogs for one very hungry little girl in one night! Watch out, Kobayashi!

The next night, we had tacos. Anna June came to the table whining, "I don't want to have tacos!" I asked her what she did want. She replied, "hot dogs!"


Anonymous said...

Auntie Nonny is going to have to make you her famous (or infamous, if you ask AJ's Daddy)soy hotdogs! They're delicious...yum!

Atlanta Gal said...

The turkey ones are pretty good and have half the fat. Do you have to boil them for kids? I just stick my dog in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel, for about 40 seconds.

Anonymous said...

As Nonny was probably DYING to point out, the Soy-DOGS do not contain any lips, noses, butt parts, reproductive organs or other objectionable animal by-products, which really is a consideration. ( Did I put this delicately enough???) I get the uncensored sermon when I eat regular Hot Dogs at home with her........Granny Annie .