Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good At Holding Babies

On Saturday, Anna June was visited by her Aunt Kym, Uncle Ken, and cousin Teygan. While we were glad to see her parents, we were very excited to see the baby, who is now already 3 months old! Anna June calls her "Tea-again". So cute.

We propped Teygan up in AJ's lap for some pictures. These are the best I got - in most of the shots I took, they both looked terrified.

When we were done, we praised Anna June for following our directions of being careful, easy and still while holding Teygan. We told her she was good at holding babies. She took that to heart, and has told just about everyone she met that she is "good at holding babies." She also, coincidentally, has eschewed her stuffed animals in favor of Pussycat, Heather, and Helen, some of her baby dolls, ever since the visit.

Also, she's showed some signs of regression: wetting her pants, demanding to wear Pull-ups, and, most surprisingly, last night she asked to eat dinner in her high chair. With a bib. I think this has less to do with the baby visiting and more to do with her younger friends at school and the fact that we're in the midst of major changes at home: getting rid of the crib, changing table, pack n play, walking toy and diaper pail all at once. She may be getting the idea that there's not another baby coming and she wants to be one.

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