Thursday, July 8, 2010


As has happened a couple of times before, when we went to the zoo on Saturday morning we ran into Anna June's good friend Sipsey. The girls were very excited to see each other! As you can tell from these pictures, Anna June was already very hot from the day's excitement. I have other pictures from the day I will post later, but these are special, showing AJ with her friend.

At the party we went to on the 4th of July, at the zoo, church, or wherever we go, Anna June is looking for new friends. She loves to hang out with other kids, and it doesn't matter if they are older or younger than she is.

By the way, Sipsey's mom Lauren made her adorable outfit. That's right. When we got home, Ben asked if he heard right and she made the outfit. I told him yes and he was amazed. I can't even sew on a button well.


Anonymous said...

--LOVE how Sipsey's Mom puts such neat fabrics together with really cute patterns!!! VERY talented!
AJ looks like she should have been in the sprinkler play area! She looks like she's going to melt any second! BTW, are those her new lace up shoes? Have you given any thought to binding her feet like the Japanese used to do? No, really, I don't care what size her feet are....I love every inch of that little one!!!!!Granny Annie

Lauren said...

Thank you for sending me these pictures! I am posting them tomorrow. The girls had so much fun and we will have to PLAN to see each other at the zoo next time.

And thank you for the outfit compliments! I made myself learn to sew (took a class) last year and it's not very hard! I'm taking an intermediate class next month so WATCH OUT when that's over!