Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Anna June was slow to get up this morning, and I took the time to iron an outfit for her that I had left in the dryer a little too long. I laid it out, along with clean panties, shoes, and matching ponytail holders.

Not only did AJ burst into tears at the thought of not picking out her own clothes, she was devastated that I would even suggest wearing pigtails. There were a lot of "No" and "But Mama" screams heard from her room. We settled on a new cute outfit that Granny sent, a pink halter top with bright pink flowers. When AJ discovered it had little hot pants-type bloomers with it, she was having none of it. She told me she wanted to wear pants. More specifically, "regular shorts". I pulled out every clean pair of pants and shorts she owns. She hated all of them. She finally decided on her bright orange board shorts. I didn't care that it didn't match, I just wanted to get her to school.

I told the teacher that AJ was in a terrible mood, and about the fight we had to get her dressed. I explained about the non-matching outfit. The teacher declared that she didn't notice that the outfit did not match. "It flows," she said.

She makes it work, I guess, with the messy hair and the screaming-in-protest white tennis shoes.

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