Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crib Diving

Anna June sure is growing up. Yesterday, she demonstrated that she can click the buckle together on her car seat. She can also open the refrigerator by herself (the first time was to get her dad a Dr. Pepper). Since she's so big, I thought I would follow some advice about not letting her draw out the bedtime thing, so I told her, no, she had had enough water, she needed to go to sleep and I was not coming back into her room.

Apparently, she decided to get the water herself, and climbed out of her crib. She fell head-first (we think) onto the carpet. This has been brewing for a while. She's really too big for the crib and I had been putting off the whole big-girl-bed idea. But now, it has become immediate. We're going to try shopping tonight.

The whole fall was very scary to Anna June, as well as to us. It was probably the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to her. On top of being exhausted, she was also injured and surprised. She cried for longer than she has in a long time, and in an almost hysterical manner. We checked all of the things you're supposed to check when a kid falls on her head: eyes, motor skills, cognitive skills. She was fine. We changed her pajamas and sheets (she felt like they'd gotten wet from the water) and she went to sleep. Until 4:30 am, when she decided to wake up. Then there was more water, turning on the fan, pleas to read a story, having to go to the bathroom, wanting a stuffed animal, etc. It was as if the stalling I had nipped in the bud at 8 pm had gotten interrupted and she picked up right where she left off. Maybe once we get her new bed she'll do better. I'm not holding my breath.

The good news, though, is that she promised me that she'd never try to climb out of the crib again. After all that crying, that declaration was the sweetest thing I heard all day.

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Beth said...

I will start making room for the crib at our house so when you need to take it apart it can come back to us. And I found someone to make a new drawer for the changing table. Poor AJ some things have to be learned the hard way. Good to know that anna june is a good dr.pepper getter. That made me laugh! Beth