Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Anna June is doing her best to form convincing arguments these days but baby vs. Mommy is an epic and endless struggle.

This morning when I was putting on her shoes, she declared to her father and me, "I am bigger than y'all." She explained that she was getting bigger, not smaller, and we were not getting smaller either, so she's bigger. It was really quite a logical argument in her eyes, but regardless of that, it was very cute.

One reasonable request from her this morning was to be able to watch Veggie Tales after school. Thankfully, she's given in to my crazy rule that we can't watch TV in the mornings. There simply isn't time.

This morning was going well. After first saying she wanted to stay in bed a little longer, then she had the idea for me to turn on some music so she could get up and dance with me. She did what I asked, to a point. But we ended up literally holding her down in order to get her teeth brushed.

I'm pretty convinced she's teething. All the signs are there: trouble sleeping, fussing, fingers in mouth, feeling a tad warm the other day, asking for a teething pacifier, and putting things in her mouth except for her toothbrush.

She's getting a big dose of baby Motrin before bed tonight. I need no more convincing.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, did she really say "Y'ALL"????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! (I've been waiting for her accent to show up! ) Too TOO TOO CUTE!!!!!! I love that!!!!!
Second of all, did she ACTUALLY come out with that convoluted bit of reasoning??? "cause that's just freaky!!!!Remind her that she is only TWO, will you?