Friday, July 2, 2010

Alligator Pool

Anna June knows that when she asks why it is hot outside, she will get the answer that it is summer. So on Sunday, I decided to blow up her new pool from Granny and let her splash around and cool down.

I thought, since we have a pump, that I would be able to figure it out. Unfortunately, I discovered we do not have the right type of valve. I woke Ben up from his nap to ask him about how he'd go about it, and he said to start blowing. He didn't think I would take him seriously, but by the time he got to the kitchen, I had already blown up the alligator's feet. So, he helped. It took a long time, but we got it done. AJ was delighted!

We set it up in the shade. It had cooled down to 91 degrees by that time. Anna June had so much fun splashing. She's still not a fan of sitting down and playing in the pool too much, but she likes to hop in and out. This pool has two slides: one with steps going up to slide in to the pool, and one that slides out of the pool. In our case, this results in a lot of grass clippings sticking to a wet little girl and ending up in the pool, but she doesn't mind.

Anna June decided quickly that the slide going out of the pool was silly, so she liked to (get our help and) walk up the slide and then let us put her in the pool.

She had so much fun, we did it again the next day!

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Liz said...

that slide looks pretty awesome!!!