Monday, June 7, 2010


I don't know if you can call it a milestone or not, but Anna June asked to watch a specific episode of The Backyardigans yesterday. She was thinking about the one called "The Yeti" and she wanted to see Pablo again saying "Yeti Yeti Yeti" over and over again. I obliged so I could get dinner started, but she was really, really excited.

That reminds me, though, that I haven't posted the pictures from Maxwell's Backyardigans birthday party that Drew's mom, Dawn, sent. So, here are a few.

AJ and Drew loved the goody buckets!

AJ loved the cupcake cake!

AJ went straight for the hose. More water is better!

Sitting with Maxwell eating some cheese puffs. They know what kids like!

PS - My tie-dyed muumuu is now history, and after seeing these pictures, I am now on a diet, so no comments on that, please, ahem, Dad.


Anonymous said...

I like that tie-dyed dress you had on in the pics and was wondering where you got it...kinda looks like an Old Navy item. I don't think you should remove it from your wardrobe. Do your thang, girl!


Anonymous said...

I also think you should keep the tie dye dress---looks FINE! Isn't the Pirate pool too cute!!
{and we are ALL on perpetual diets. I've got a sweet tooth the size of Cinncinati. ( why do we always pick on Cinncinati (sp?) for that, BTW???)AND , I,m finding it( ie, my rolls) wants to stay put at my age. )

Anonymous said...

When deep-fried, Yetis are Delectable!