Friday, June 18, 2010

Pajama Day!

Anna June's class is having pajama day today. After much debate, Anna June selected her lightweight footed pajamas, given to her by Patrick and Liz for her birthday. A runner up was her Ariel set, but I'm glad she opted for the floral pattern, since Taylor (seated next to AJ in the photo) also wore her Little Mermaid pajamas! In case you can't tell from the photo, Garvey has dinosaurs and Diamond has Dora the Explorer. It was strange to get AJ into clean jammies in the morning, complete with big girl panties, pigtails and shoes. She loves pajamas and she loves school, so she should have a fantastic fun day today.

I've been pretty excited about pajama day. In fact, when we went to the library on Sunday, I happened to find a book called Pajama Day by Lynn Plourde. Anna June loves this book. The main character is named Drew, which of course got her attention, and they're having pajama day in his class - just like in hers. She made me read this book to her about three times on Monday.

And a funny note about the book...the point of the story is that Drew is forgetful, in part, because he is an over-scheduled, frazzled child with a pushy mom. At the end of the story the poor kid is too tired to get his pajamas on. The book uses the phrase "pooped out" to describe the exhaustion. Anna June, of course, is two and was unfamiliar with the idiom. She asked me, "He pooped in his underwear?" I explained to her that it just meant he was really tired. But she insisted that it meant that he had pooped on himself because he was too tired to go to the potty.

I'm looking forward to picking AJ up from school today to see about all the fun they had. She took her giant lady bug from Kym and Ken as her "favorite stuffed animal." If you've given AJ a stuffed animal, don't get your feelings hurt - she's not very particular. Any given night can have her change her mind about which doll/animal/lovey she wants to sleep with. Last night it was Grover, who is about 30 years old and completely loved to pieces.

She took Lullaby Little One as her favorite bedtime story. But I also took the library's copy of Pajama Day, just because.

I was wishing for Pajama Day at work, but as it turns out, I got my very own pajama day on Tuesday, when I worked from home while sick. I have to say that the daycare version looks way more fun.

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