Friday, June 25, 2010


Anna June is at a disadvantage growing up in our house, because I'm the worst cook in our family. I don't love it, and I have little incentive to improve, seeing as how my mom, dad, brothers and sisters-in-law are all so much better - and some of them are even professionals! There are a few things that I can make that Ben likes better than take-out, and my go-to dish is taco salad. Actually, it's more like nachos: we use tortilla chips, seasoned ground turkey or beef, shredded cheddar, salsa, onions and sour cream. Ben and AJ don't like lettuce or tomatoes on their taco salads, so we just skip it for simplicity's sake.

Unfortunately, when I was grocery shopping quickly during AJ's nap on Sunday, I bought most of the stuff for our tacos, but I forgot some things. So I had to run by the store on my way to pick up AJ from daycare.

When I got her, I told her we were having tacos for supper. "From Taco Bell?" she asked. "No," I said. "I can make tacos." She didn't seem disappointed, which is good. I was horrified that she even knew what Taco Bell was, but we do make the occasional run for the border as a family.

Anyway, while I was at the grocery store, I was hungry. I picked out some donuts for our breakfast, to celebrate being Friday. AJ saw them as soon as I unloaded the groceries at home. The conversation went a little something like:
"What's that, Mommy?"
"Yay! Donuts!"
"They're for breakfast."
"Aw, man!"

Yesterday, Ben had asked me what has happened to AJ where she sleeps so late (for her) and we can get up before she does. I explained she had had a bad night, from over exhaustion, and had woken up several times. But last night, she had a great night - went to bed with few complaints and slept all night. Hooray! I would have bought the donuts just to celebrate that! Today, she woke up at 6:06 - before I could even get out of bed. "Mom. Mommy! MAMA!"
"Yes, Anna June? Good morning!"
"What we doing today."
"You're going to school..."
"I want to eat breakfast."
"Oh, you do? We have donuts."
"DONUTS! I am so excited!!!!"

She really was excited. She did everything I asked, and then sat down to eat her doughnut. She asked for seconds, and I gave it to her but had to run out of the room for a minute. Then, AJ decided she was finished. She got up without being asked and put the rest of her food in the trash, opened the dishwasher herself and put away her plate. Then I came back in the room and she put her cup away all by herself, too.

I guess if we had donuts every day, it wouldn't be so exciting. But if her behavior is this good, I'm tempted.

By the way, since I told you my go-to dish is taco salad (quick, easy and loved by all), what is your go-to dish? I need some new ideas. Leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!!!! Does she REALLY say " Oh, man"???She sounds like she is 2-teen !!! Granny has recently given up her donut habit while trying to lose some poundage.....this blog didn't help!!!!