Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow, I've almost been three whole days without a post about Anna June. The issue? She was sick, and we were busy. You don't really appreciate an active child until she's temporarily inactive.

Friday night, AJ spent the night with her grandparents while we went to a concert and enjoyed a rare kid-free night. If it weren't for the dog, we would have slept all night. Anyway, I called to check on her the next morning and was told to bring the Tylenol. She had a fever.

We spent the rest of the day Saturday at home resting up. She did fine. On Sunday morning, her temp was down and we decided to go about our normal planned activities. This was a mistake, as my mom noted during dinner at Rusty's that she was warm again. We got home and checked - 102.

So no daycare today. Which meant I stayed home with her. We painted her toenails, colored, played with blocks and toys, entertained Radar, and read books. We watched an insane amount of television, which resulted in her not getting a lot of her wiggles out. She did NOT want to settle down to go to bed. Which resulted with her in hysterics (and not in a good way).

Please keep your fingers crossed that the fever stays gone and she can return to daycare. This is either teething or a virus. There are no other symptoms, except spotty appetite. And the fact that she keeps wanting to put things in her mouth (when she'd sort of gotten over that). I'm betting on teeth. She won't let me get close enough to check them out, so I think that's a big clue.

This picture is of when she went with us to do our grocery shopping at Aldi on Sunday, during the feeling-good time. We started out great - AJ brought her own shopping cart and was loading it up with cheese puffs and jello. But then, about halfway through the store, she got tired. So we let her ride in the big buggy and shoved hers underneath. Then, she didn't like that and threw a fit so I ended up carrying her. One would think this would have been an indication that she didn't feel well, but the fact is that she throws a tantrum every single time we're in Aldi. I guess she just prefers Publix.

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