Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giraffe du Jour

Anna June isn't completely obsessed with giraffes, but when I looked at Dawn and Darren's pictures from our zoo trip a couple of weeks ago, I detected a distinct giraffe theme. Why the interest in giraffes?

I blame her new shoes. They're in a giraffe pattern!

When we went back to the zoo with my mom this past Saturday, AJ wanted to ride the giraffe on the carousel again, but I reminded her that it does not go up and down, so she settled for a zebra instead.

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Anonymous said...

It's SO cute to see AJ w/ her friends, hand in hand. Do they 'talk' to each other????Have conversations? Must be hilarious!I see AJ is still sportin' the "gangsta " look w/ her hat! I thought the giraffe shoes were perfect for a girl who loves the Zoo! And, I'm so glad she loves the zoo! You have a great Zoo down there! Granny Annie