Monday, June 28, 2010

Funniest Moment of the Weekend

On Saturday, shortly after the carpets were cleaned - and they look great, by the way - I was on the phone with my grandfather and bragging on how great AJ was doing at potty training. I said, of course, that I'd probably jinx it.

Shortly thereafter, we went to my parents' house and left AJ while Ben and I went out to eat at Zea Rotisserie. We brought home leftovers - it was so good. We picked up AJ to discover that she has acquired a taste for tonic water. Mom and Dad had been giving her more and more during the night. Mom admitted she forgot to remind AJ about the potty, and there was one pair of wet panties in a plastic bag for us to bring home.

Sunday, I was getting lunch ready and moved my leftovers out of the way to pull out some food. There was a smaller plastic bag in my way. I didn't remember putting it there so I opened it to was the panties!!!

Ben admits he is the culprit. If we're this bad in our thirties, though, God help Anna June when we're old.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness it was only #1 !!!!!!Granny