Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bless This Mess

Anna June is a sweet and happy little girl. She loves to play, even when she doesn't feel her best. This picture is from the Sunday during her fever virus, when we thought she was better and wasn't really.

I've had to make a list of all the things she's asked me to do but we haven't had time for, saving up for the weekends or evenings. She wants to play with her Play-Dough, in her sandbox, and in her swimming pool. She wants more than anything to paint.

We have such a short amount of time with her each day - and things like eating (which can take an hour with her these days) bathing and getting dressed take up most of that time. She does remind me in her own way that if the bed isn't made or if the laundry isn't done that it is OK - we have to spend time with her letting her play her drum or whatever she needs to do.


Anonymous said...

I.m TOTALLY with you on this are little for , like. a nano second. Kids first.....the rest will still be there ......Granny Annie

BTW, hope you two had a very nice anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I am, once again, blinded by the cuteness of this little girl!!!!

Auntie Nonny