Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Friends

I'm finally getting around to posting all three pictures I managed to take of Anna June at Maxwell's party. I've been slacking on the picture taking, so if anyone has pictures of AJ, you can send them to me to post. I'm having enough trouble keeping up with the other stuff. This weekend, my camera spent time in my office instead of following us through our various adventures.

Anna June doesn't have a concept of "best friends" yet. But we read her a library book called Best Friends, and I asked her who her best friend was. "Maxwell," she said. The next day, we read it again and I asked her again. "Sipsey," she said. We went to the zoo with Drew and her parents yesterday, and it was clear that those two girls LOVE each other. They were so excited to see each other...they screamed and hugged. It was adorable. And I know Anna June loves her other friends, too.

Maxwell, the birthday boy. He was running around a lot, so I only got the back of his head. But you can see he has curly blond hair just like AJ.

AJ and Drew, "sharing".

Drew "sharing" with AJ in the Backyardigans pool

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Anonymous said...

I thought that picture of Maxwell WAS AJ !!!! I was wondering why she was cross-dressing!