Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Kinds of Time

Since I'm home today resting with the virus Anna June had, I thought I would post some quick observations I have made.

1. When you hear your preschooler holler "Ta-Da!" from another room, it is usually not good. Yesterday, AJ thought it was really funny to climb up on a box. Repeatedly. Luckily, it was sturdy.

2. Potty training is also about training the parents, not the child. AJ does great if she's reminded. If she gets busy entertaining herself while I'm doing something else, watch out.

3. Anna June loves to perform. Yesterday, she grabbed up her Princess and the Frog ukulele and busted out with the chorus to "You Can't Always Get What You Want." It was almost perfect. Forget American Idol...this girl is going to have a record deal when she's five.

4. AJ is still in love with The Backyardigans. She asked to see an episode that she'd already seen again, "Mission to Mars" which featured Alicia Keys as the mother of a Martian who kept calling Earth on her cell phone. At least it was one of the better ones.

5. She is really, really sweet. If she bumps into you, you say "Ow!" and she says, "I didn't mean to." Then she'll kiss your boo-boo. I told her I was sick this morning and she poked out her lip in sympathy. Then, she asked if it would make me feel better if she rubbed my back. She also offered to go find the grown-up thermometer (as opposed to the baby thermometer, which you would NOT want in your mouth).

6. Anna June loves to paint. I only let her do it occasionally because it is so messy, but it holds her attention much longer than coloring, even with markers. Basically, the messier, the better.

7. Cheese puffs are like crack. She saw a little girl in the library eating some on Sunday. Don't ask me who this kid was, or where her parents were...it is still a mystery. Since we were on our way to the store, I told AJ we could get some, too. We were in the store and AJ reminded me that we needed cheese puffs. She had some when we got home, then she woke up asking for more the next day. I sent the whole huge bag with her to school to share with her friends. It seems the other kids love them, too.

8. She has gotten really good at expressing gratitude. She says "thank you" most of the time without being prompted. She's sometimes fuzzy on whether or not something is a compliment, but when you do something for her, like read a book, she says thanks. Last night we called my dad to thank him for some food he'd sent, and we had to leave a voice mail, a concept with which she wasn't familiar. I had to coach her at leaving a message. I said, "Say Hey Granddaddy," She said, "Hey Granddaddy." I said, "Say thank you for the chili." She said, "Thank you for the chili. I like it." She came up with that last part all by herself.

9. She is particular about music. Sometimes we'll play a song and she'll ask if we like it. We'll ask her if she likes it, and she'll honestly say yes or no. It is not always yes and not always no. Yesterday after the fifth kids' show, I tried to watch a music show I had recorded. She was not thrilled with the music. She informed me she did want to listen to music, just not that music. I asked what she wanted to listen to and she had an answer: "Time-a" she said. Luckily, I understood that she meant Josh Ritter's "Change of Time." She LOVED it and sang along.

10. If she felt as bad as I feel now, she did incredibly well at not throwing tantrums. She had her moments, especially going to bed last night. She tried every delaying tactic in the book, especially saying that she had to go potty, which I fell for. We let her sleep in this morning and she was more compliant than usual at getting ready, which was definitely appreciated.

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