Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time, Love...

Auntie Nonny sent a wonderful care package to us the other day. AJ has been playing with her toy binoculars almost the whole time she has been awake at home. The shoes in this picture are also from Nonny.

Nonny was thoughtful in sending me Josh Ritter's new CD, So Runs the World Away.

There's a song (#2) there that I've been (playing over and over, which I learned how to do from my mom)... It's called "Change of Time" and it's fabulous. The chorus repeats --- "Time, Love.... Time, Love... Time... Love, it's only a change of time." Anna June likes it, she sang it over and over with me in the car, in sync with the recording. She's getting very good at singing.

Incidentally, if you want to hear the song and/or the album, you can stream it on Josh Ritter's web site here

The whole album is great and quirky; it's built around a song "about a mummy and his malign love affair with an archaeologist", and it also subject-checks "orbital decay, the Martian canals of Percival Lowell, the apocryphal hibernation of birds, polar exploration, the golden ratio," and more.

So, thanks for everything, Nonny!

PS Laura wanted to point out that AJ selected her own hairstyle and shoes in this picture, for our fashion-conscious readership.


SRG said...

AJ picked out her shoes, but I'm to blame for the Curious George socks, that match nothing else she's wearing. I thought I was pulling out a plain white pair, but I was wrong. After I showed them to her, of course she wanted those, and I wasn't about to take them away.-LTG

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the package. It was just little stuff to let you all know I love you and miss you! This is seriously one of the sweetest pics I have seen of the June Bug, yet! Any chance you could print a copy up on your pc and send it to your dear, old sis? :) BTW, I think the whole outfit is adorable! Mismatched stuff on kids doesn't bother me too much because it is so innocent!

SRG said...

I'll work on sending you a picture, sis.