Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Just In...

...Anna June's favorite color is truly, officially, orange. If there's one color in the rainbow that Ben and I could do without, it would be orange. But there's nothing we can do to change or influence her further at this time. If her orange cup is dirty, she has a meltdown. Given the opportunity to wear orange ponytail holders, she said, "I will be so excited!" Her first words to her father upon arriving home last night (after we'd been talking about colors) were, "Daddy! I LOVE ORANGE!!!!"

So I sent her to school in her orange shorts and just hoped she doesn't start singing the Auburn fight song too soon.

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Anonymous said...

Orange: Zesty, tantalizing, saucy, bold, cheerful, invigorating, independent, energetic, confident, free-wheeling, stimulating, provocative,spicy, , distinctive (etc.) The color choice of the insatiably curious and of great explorers. An altogether agreeable hue. ( and besides, if there were no orange in the rainbow, it would sadly leave us with Ry. G. Biv.)Drawback: not conducive to sleep.