Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not A Morning Person

Anna June has been tired lately - we've been wearing her out. She got in bed pretty much on time, and despite a few setbacks, fell asleep pretty quickly. I finally went in to get her up a few minutes later than I should have, but I feel sorry for her when she's so tired. She had her eyes open, but said, "Don't get me up. Go away."

I told her I would go do something and come back in a minute. I came back and her head was under her blanket. She said, "I'm hiding." After she didn't really want to be "found" I said I'd come back in another minute.

When I returned, I sang her the "Good Morning To You" song like I do every day. She said, "Don't sing!"

Eventually I got her up, but she had issues with the outfit I picked out for her, her shoes, the color of her ponytail holders for her pigtails, what to eat for breakfast, the cup I gave her apple juice in, and, here's the kicker: which toilet to use. That's right. She prefers to use one for #1 and the other one for #2. No wonder I can't get to work on time.

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