Monday, May 24, 2010

Like the French

Anna June had a great time this weekend. On Saturday she attended her school friend Maxwell's birthday party. We were a little late, due to her nap and my losing the directions to the party, but we made it and had a blast. It was a backyard "fun in the sun" themed party.

On Sunday, we went to Olivia's first birthday party, which happened to have a similar theme. I was so glad AJ has three bathing suits. I let her wear her brand new bikini to Maxwell's, and then she was going to wear her Hawaiian patterned one-piece to Olivia's. On Sunday morning, I pulled it out of the closet, including the adorable grass skirt, and AJ was excited. She put both pieces in her Wal-Mart buggy and was walking around the house with them.

I loaded up the bag and was totally ready to go: we had done our sunscreen, packed our towels and a couple of swim diapers, and I even packed my swimsuit in case the other parents decided to get wet. We even remembered the gift and the homemade card.

But when we got to Olivia's house, Anna June's bathing suit was still in her buggy, at home. We live close, and I wanted to just turn around and leave. But AJ had already seen the pool, and to take her away from the inflatable beach ball and all that cool water would have caused a major tantrum. I was thinking class 4 or 5, at least. I thought of sending Ben a text message to stop by the house on his way (he was joining us later) to get it, but it was too late.

Luckily, Kate, our gracious hostess, her sisters and mother all encouraged me by saying that nothing is cuter than a baby in a swim diaper in a pool on a hot day. "Who cares?" they said. "She's two!" So, I took off AJ's sundress and let her splash away. She happened to be wearing one of those pairs of training pants that's "waterproof" on the outside. She had on her hat and sunglasses, so it's not like she was naked or anything.

Many of the guests commented that this was not only perfectly normal here in the states, but de rigeur in Europe, especially France. I was happy to lend this sophisticated air to the one-year-old's party.

Anna June had a fantastic time. She splashed, threw the ball, and impressed all the other moms by knowing what a flamingo and an octopus were. She LOVED Kate's homemade cupcakes and was tickled that Goldfish crackers and Capri Suns were served. I didn't get any pictures, but there were lots of them snapped. If I get a hold of any of them, I will post, of course.

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