Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Anna June is getting funnier every day. If she finds something funny, she'll say "that was a funny joke!" pretty reliably.

There is a group of ladies who work out at AJ's daycare. We see them every afternoon on the way out of the complex. We like to talk about what the ladies are doing. She said, "Some of the ladies are walking." I said, "Yes, some of the ladies are walking."

"Some of the ladies are running!"
"Yes, some of the ladies are running around the track."
"Some of the ladies are turning a somersault," Anna June said.
"They're turning somersaults?" I asked.
"No, I was only joking! That was a funny joke!"

Since she has been so interested in saying funny things, we're working on her very first knock-knock joke. We're coming along. I will try to post video when we've got it down. Right now, when I say "knock-knock" she says "knock-knock" back.

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