Friday, May 28, 2010

The Jelly Bean Kid

Anna June gets what she wants, within reason, most of the time. This keeps her a happy kid. The other morning, she wanted to put on her doll's cowboy hat and ride her rocking horse, which she has now named Chiefy after the stubborn pony in a book we read over and over called Popsicle Pony by Jill Stover. No problem! She got to do it, and she was happy.

Like Chiefy in the story, Anna June is always looking for a special treat. Sometimes, though, she asks for things we don't have. I'll be looking in the refrigerator, wondering out loud what we should have for supper, and Anna June will pipe up with something like "bacon!" Well, as good of an idea as that is, we will inevitably be out of bacon. So I will write it on my grocery list. Some weeks my grocery list reads like the candy aisle. Recently, it included such things as jelly beans, waffles, and a yellow sucker. Let me just say that it took 3 different stores over the course of the week to get a bag of Dum Dum suckers. They've been invaluable for bribes - I mean, external motivation.

So since jelly beans were on the list, when Ben and I went to the Dollar Tree without Anna June, we picked up a small bag of Jelly Belly beans. They've been in the pantry a couple of weeks now. I figured if she wasn't asking for jelly beans, I could save them for a later date. She was happy with suckers.

This morning, she asked for a sucker. I told her that if she was cooperative and did the morning getting ready stuff without whining, I would give her a sucker before school. She instantly perked up, and didn't really whine - although she did complain that I didn't allow her to take her panties out of her drawer (despite that she selected them -- we had a different understanding of what it meant to "pick out" one's clothes). She was doing great. I asked her to play in my room so she could be supervised by her father while I dried my hair.

It doesn't take me long to do my hair, but it was too long for AJ. She wanted her sucker. Then. She went into the kitchen, opened the pantry, climbed on Radar's food box to reach the bottom shelf, and discovered the jelly beans. As I was pulling my hair around my brush, I heard a "Mama!" right behind me. I asked her who gave her those jelly beans! She was proud of having discovered them herself. I made her sit down and I gave her a scant handful to entertain her while I finished getting ready.

She asked "Does Daddy want any jelly beans?" She knows he likes them. So I went to him and asked, and relayed the events of the morning so far. He said no, so I reported back to AJ. She said, "Oh. Radar wants some jelly beans, but he's a doggie." I laughed, and she said, "That was a funny joke!"

So, later, she went in to say goodbye to Ben. He asked her what she had for breakfast, and she said, "JELLY BEANS!" He said, "Please don't tell anyone else that!"

For the record, Anna June took her real breakfast, a nutritious and healthy Pop-Tart to school, which she will have with milk!

When we visit the dentist later this year, I am going to regret this.


Atlanta Gal said...

Love seeing her in those PJs. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh.... starting to climb! Time to re-examine the baby proofing....Now Toddler proofing. Take this from a former 4 year old ( very VERY former) who pulled a chair to the kitchen counter, then pulled another stool up ONTO the counter, and reached to the top shelf of the cabinet for the bottle of childrens Aspirin and then ATE THE WHOLE BOTTLE!!!!