Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I call you...

On the way to school today, Anna June said this over and over:

"I call you Ben Ben Ben." "I call you Ben Ben Ben."

She knows my given name is Shenandoah, and she's learned to sort of say that in the past. She's also picked up on the fact that most people don't call me by that name.

I said, I'm glad you know both names, but why don't you call me "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy?"

She said, "No, I call you Ben Ben Ben" and looked at me like, discussion is over.

She also wore bunny ears to school. I told her if she wore them she'd have to hop to school. She at least hopped as far as the car.


Anonymous said...

THIS GIRL!!!!!!Does she ever freak you guys out? Because she just seems to have a way more developed sense of the abstract than I remember either of my own quite bright children(ahem!) having at the sane age! Well, it freaks ME a little! I can't tell you how many times I sit here with my mouth hanging open after reading some of these blogs. AND, she is developing such a COLORFUL personality, and such an adamant, distinct one!!( Or, is that eastern European Gypsy gene bossoming???) Of course , this IS the daughter of the little boy who showed me a scribbled drawing and told me that the title of it was " The Feast of Wild Winds", when he wasn't all that much older than AJ is now. (Or, maybe he was a lot older and just couldn't draw anything but scribbles!), NO, Ben,Ben Ben... you were scary smart too! LOVE , Granny

Anonymous said...

Well, let me add an addendum.....there IS NO "sane" age.......not for the mom's and Dad's any way.................make that read "same" age, and pardon my typo!

Anonymous said...

Another correction: "BLOSSOMING", not the other.
We claim a "gypsy" gene on the Mejchar side.....AJ's accessorizing makes me think of that!